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EIGHT is a quick and easy way to get image galleries up on the Web and it makes maintenence of the images a painless task as well.

EIGHT automatically generates a gallery list for you just by creating new gallery directories. Each gallery index list is created by uploading thumbnails loaded into the gallery directory. It links the images up so it's easy to browse through the gallery, and you can add optional captions for your images. It can show the images in order or randomly. There is also a JavaScript slideshow functionality which will automatically load the images in order or randomly.

EIGHT uses an HTML templating system. This means that you can adjust the way the HTML looks, without ever having to touch the CGI code itself. EIGHT also comes with a simple search engine to find images quickly, as well as basic gallery statistics including total images, totals per gallery and latest update date per gallery.

And, if you want it (and it seems everyone loves em) there is an included, optional Guestbook too, for both the main list and each gallery!

You can view some screenshots here:

[ Gallery List Page ] [ Index Page ] [ Guestbook ] [ Image View ] [ SlideShow View ]

For more information and support :
       visit the EIGHT project at SourceForge

Check out a quick demo of the program in the Demo Area.
Read the README file, view the End User's LICENSE Agreement.

EIGHT downloads :
eight.ws-0.08.tgz EIGHT tarball (for UNIX) with two sample galleries and several sample images.
eight.ns-0.08.tgz EIGHT tarball (for UNIX) with only one sample gallery and image.
eight.ws-0.08.zip EIGHT zipped (for Windows) with two sample galleries and several sample images.
eight.ns-0.08.zip EIGHT zipped (for Windows) with only one sample gallery and image.

EIGHT is Copyright © 2001 - 2002 Art Pacheco. EIGHT is Licensed under the GPL.